When it comes to body contouring, most people immediately think of the abdomen and love handles, maybe the thighs. However, the arms, especially the upper arms, often get saggy as we age, creating “batwings,” and for many people, the upper arm is an especially difficult area to lose weight in. There are solutions, however! Upper arm skin can be tightened non-surgically with a variety of non-invasive skin tightening devices,



To tighten and tone upper arms, radio frequency energy is applied directly to the skin and the temperature is gradually increased to safely heat the subcutaneous skin tissue.  The action of deep tissue heating increases the body's metabolic breakdown of fat cells in the superficial fat layer.  At the same time, a vacuum mechanism is applied to intensify the treatment and facilitate deeper penetration of heat.  This action stimulates lymphatic drainage and enhances the elasticity of the skin layers. 

What is the difference in body contouring devices?

There are a number of noninvasive technologies available in the aesthetics market.  Some devices, such as Ultherapy use ultrasound technology to send pulses that penetrate at least 4mm below the skin surface. The ultrasound bypasses the top skin layers delivering focused energy to the foundational layers. This triggers a response that stimulates the regeneration of collagen proteins. However, radiofrequency energy is FDA approved for upper arm contouring.  Delmar Laser Spa offers Viora's Reaction Radiofrequency; Reaction allows for the radiofrequency to be changed, thereby changing the depth of penetration, making Reaction is the only multi-frequency RF device on the market. Why is this important? Because the depth of penetration is crucial to what you are trying to treat.  When targeting fat, the Reaction energy can penetrate deeper and when targeting lax or loose skin the energy can be adjusted.  Clinicians report, this more specific targeting allows for good results with low risk of injuries such as burns.  

Even with diet and exercise, many of us still have lost collagen and have lax or loose skin.  There are many noninvasive technologies available that deliver great results with little downtime.  While noninvasive options differ in technology, some use cold temperatures to freeze fat cells, others use ultrasound energy to destroy the fat cell membrane, all require multiple treatment session.  The best way to decide a treatment plan is to meet with a trained, experienced practitioner who can answer all your questions.  

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