Are IPL Acne Clearance Treatments right for me?


Acne tends to begin in teenage years and can follow you straight into adulthood, scarring your skin and damaging your self-confidence. In fact, 3 out of 4 teenagers suffer from acne, while more and more young adults & members of the older generation are experiencing the skin problem as well. Millions of today’s acne patients are searching for a quicker and simpler solution to clearer skin – painless, with no side effects and at an affordable price. Delmar Laser Spa is proud to offer  Viora acne clearance treatments, a breakthrough alternative! Viora’s superior acne clearance treatments deliver through the use of multiple devices and more effective combination protocols. Featuring a variety of solutions for acne treatment, Viora’s IPL & Laser light therapies kill acne bacteria and decreases inflammation. Viora’s Smooth™ reduces the formation and appearance of blemishes, while natural active antibacterial ingredients help prevent bacterial culture.



Get acne under control and enjoy clearer skin: 

Everyone is different and so is their experience of acne. Delmar Laser Spa can tailor a treatment program to meet your needs. Some people will only ever develop mild acne, while others can experience large, deep, painful lumps or cysts under their skin – a severe form of acne.  Expensive treatments with substantial side effects are no longer the go-to solution for treating acne. Placing convenience on the front line of our treatments, Viora’s non-intrusive acne clearance procedures are affordable and can have you in and out of a treatment session over a lunch break. Featuring the most up to date technology, Viora acne clearance treatments will give you that clearer fresher look you’ve always dreamed of, without the pain or side effects. 


Features and Benefits: • Clinically proven state of the art treatments • Safe and painless, with no downtime • Little to no recovery time • Minimal risk of infection or scarring • Extremely natural-looking results

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